Fibromuscular Dysplasia Explained

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Fibromuscular dysplasia compromises the body's key arteries by causing intermittent narrowed and enlarged areas to form. This can prevent sufficient blood flow to certain parts of the body, and the most common arteries affected by this vascular condition are the legs, kidneys, brain and heart. The cause of fibromuscular dysplasia isn't fully understood yet, but factors that increase your susceptibility to developing the condition include smoking, having a family history of the condition and being female.

4 January 2021

Why Modern Technology Has Made Prostate Treatment Easier Than Ever

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Enlarged prostates and prostate cancer have been a constant source of pain in men for thousands of years. Treatments for it have varied, and it is only in recent years that technology has really created surgical methods to treat these conditions in a safe and successful way. If you have trouble urinating or have other issues that relate to the prostate then you may need to undergo a procedure known as laser prostate surgery to ease your pain.

14 August 2020

Could It Be Time for a Biological Fistfight? 3 Naturopathic Ways to Ward off Allergies


Allergies are among the health problems that affect most people across the globe, and conventional medicine doesn't always ward them off completely. Most people suffering from allergies don't know that the modern drugs they use just suppress the allergic symptoms, but they don't fight off the problem. So what should those living with allergies do? They should use a naturopathic approach since it stimulates the body to defeat allergies. Naturopathy is broad; it integrates nutritional counselling, physical manipulations, massage, herbs and acupuncture to combat allergies.

23 March 2020

Reasons Retirement Villages Have Become Good Options


If you retired recently or your retirement is fast approaching, you probably need to decide where you'll live during this new phase of life. While seniors who continue to work on a part-time basis may still need to stay in their homes, you might opt to relocate if you will not be working, retiring abroad or travelling. One of the best options you can consider if you choose to relocate is a retirement village.

13 December 2019

5 Cataract Surgery Recovery Tips

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Cataract surgery is a minor procedure that most people recover from relatively quickly, but it is common to have some discomfort for a little while after the procedure. Here are a few tips to make your recovery from cataract surgery as comfortable and problem-free as possible. 1. Organize a Pick-Up From the Clinic  Some people find that cataract surgery immediately clears their vision, but it is also very common for vision to be blurry for a while.

21 October 2019

Two tips for arranging a funeral for someone who loved cycling


If you are about to arrange a funeral for a dear friend or family member who was passionate about cycling, here are a few suggestions as to how you can incorporate their love for this sport into the funeral that you plan for them. Have the image of a bicycle etched onto their headstone A lot of funeral homes either provide a headstone etching service or can put their clients in contact with local companies that specialise in headstone etchings.

9 September 2019

4 physiotherapy solutions for frequent muscle cramps

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Cramps are one of those difficult-to-explain ailments. They arise when your muscles begin to contract involuntarily, causing sudden, sharp pains. Because the exact origin of cramps isn't known, the popular solution is to treat symptoms as much as possible. This means being prepared to handle the pain, discomfort and stiffness that a muscle cramp may cause. Several physiotherapy techniques can be used to address muscle cramps in athletes. Whether you jump, run and stop frequently, or stretch your muscles as part of the game, you may find yourself with cramping muscles on specific parts of your body.

20 July 2019