4 physiotherapy solutions for frequent muscle cramps

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Cramps are one of those difficult-to-explain ailments. They arise when your muscles begin to contract involuntarily, causing sudden, sharp pains. Because the exact origin of cramps isn't known, the popular solution is to treat symptoms as much as possible. This means being prepared to handle the pain, discomfort and stiffness that a muscle cramp may cause.

Several physiotherapy techniques can be used to address muscle cramps in athletes. Whether you jump, run and stop frequently, or stretch your muscles as part of the game, you may find yourself with cramping muscles on specific parts of your body.

Here are 4 sports physiotherapy treatment techniques for muscle cramp issues.  

1. Stretch the affected muscle several times a day

Stretching is perhaps the most common treatment solution for cramps. Consider stretching the cramped muscle several times a day. Exert light tension on the affected muscle (without overdoing it).

If a particular muscle experiences chronic cramping, stretch it more often than others. Such activity will allow you to control how the muscle contracts and expands whenever you're in the field. Because cramps arise due to involuntary contractions, gaining control over muscle movement is one of the best ways of controlling unwelcome symptoms.

2. Ice and heat therapy

Icing and heating the affected muscle also helps ease the tension that may exaggerate muscle cramping. Ice therapy should be done in moderation, preferably after engaging in physical activity. For example, you may schedule ice treatment after a game or after working out.

Heat therapy is also a useful option during cold weather when the muscle is more likely to become stiff.

3. Learn to warm your muscles

The biggest mistake that athletes make is immediately springing into action before warming up their muscles. The sudden movements exerted may cause cramping because your muscles weren't ready to handle any immediate pressure.

Furthermore, failing to warm your muscles may cause the affected region to become tired faster (which is one of the causes of chronic cramping in athletes). Get in the habit of warming up before starting any intense physical activity. You can warm up by gently stretching your legs, arms, torso and neck muscles before getting into the game. 

4. Massages and proper diet also help

If you're experiencing trouble with a particular cramping muscle, massage therapy will also help. A targeted massage will limit involuntary muscle contractions that may cause cramping. You can also get a deep tissue massage to ease tension deep within the affected muscle. 


20 July 2019

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