Top Weight Loss Tips You Can Try Today

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As a topic that's always at the forefront of men's and women's health, weight loss can sometimes feel like a struggle. And as an industry that acts as a big moneymaker, the diet world features a lot of fads. If you're looking to make healthy and sustainable changes to your lifestyle so you can lose weight, here are a few to try.

Ditch Refined Carbs

Abandoning carbohydrates completely isn't conducive to sustainable weight loss. However, cutting out refined carbs such as white bread, sugar and processed foods can make a big difference. In addition to being high in calories, they cause the types of sugar spikes that can leave you feeling hungry. When you're unable to battle those sugar spikes, you may find that you overeat. 

Build Muscle

Even if muscle building isn't high on your agenda right now, you need to add it to your exercise plan. When you carry more muscle, your body naturally burns through more calories, even when you're sedentary. Take a look at resistance training exercises and using weights to add more muscle to your body and burn through more calories.

Plan Ahead

When you're leading a busy lifestyle, a lack of forward planning with food can easily become your downfall. While you're in the middle of a hectic working week, convenience options always seem more tempting. If possible, plan your meals ahead and batch cook. Your efforts should result in lower calorie meals, which then makes weight loss easier.

Track Your Food

Do you feel as though you're eating a healthy diet but you still can't reach your target weight? Without realising it, you may be eating more than your daily recommended number of calories. Without changing anything, write down everything you eat and total the calories up. If you find that you're not reaching a deficit, plan to create one. If you're creating a deficit but still not losing weight, speak with a medical professional.

Challenge Yourself

Once you feel as though you're getting comfortable with your usual fitness routine, start challenging yourself. For example, if you love cardio, you could try a more advanced form of HIIT. Or, if you're a swimmer, you can try a more vigorous stroke. When you move outside of your comfort zone, you should start burning more calories.

Always remember, a significant proportion of your weight loss efforts come from the food you eat. Without the right diet, you may struggle to exercise those calories away.

For more information about men's health or women's health, talk to a professional.


16 March 2022

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