How Can A Physiotherapist Help With Tennis Elbow?

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As you may expect from the name, playing tennis can leave you susceptible to developing tennis elbow. However, it can also be caused by any activity that requires you to repetitively twist your forearm. Tennis elbow is an inflammatory condition that affects the tendon that runs from your wrist to your elbow. When the condition is left untreated, long-term damage can occur, as scar tissue can develop along the tendon. A physiotherapist can diagnose and treat tennis elbow, and prompt treatment can lessen recovery time and get you back to doing what you enjoy.

Tennis Elbow Symptoms

The inflammation that occurs when you have tennis elbow restricts your range of motion in your forearm, so you may find it difficult to turn on taps and loosen lids, as twisting your forearm will be uncomfortable. Localised muscle stiffness and swelling are common symptoms of tennis elbow, and sufferers often find that the more they use their arm the more uncomfortable or painful their arm feels.

Tennis Elbow Treatment

Diagnosing tennis elbow is relatively straightforward for a physiotherapist. They will take your symptoms into consideration and ask you to carry out a few tasks to allow them to determine how your range of motion has been affected. Once tennis elbow is confirmed, your physiotherapist will recommend a treatment plan to get your arm back to full health.  

Treatment may include an initial period of rest, which can help your arm recover and encourage swelling to come down. In some cases when inflammation is severe and impacting on your ability to work and carry out necessary daily tasks, a short course of anti-inflammatories may be recommended. Your physiotherapist may also recommend you use a supportive aid, such as an elbow armband. You will be measured for a custom-made one to ensure it offers the best support, and wearing a supportive aid can help you heal by taking pressure off the inflamed tendon. Once you've worked with your physiotherapist to address the inflammation, they will show you how to do a series of gentle exercises that are designed to reduce stiffness in your arm, improve flexibility and build strength, which can help prevent this type of injury from recurring in the future.

If you're experiencing symptoms that could indicate you have tennis elbow, don't be tempted to take a wait-and-see approach. Get in touch with a local physiotherapist and schedule an initial appointment to get a diagnosis and being the journey to recovery.

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27 July 2023

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