5 Reasons to Visit Your OBGYN Before, During and After Pregnancy

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Some women might find it intimidating to visit an OBGYN (obstetrician/gynaecologist), with others even putting it off altogether. However, scheduling an appointment with your OBGYN can be a stress-free, relaxing and informative experience. When considering having children or conceiving, visiting an OBGYN can be highly beneficial, and here's why;

The Value of Scheduling an Appointment Before Conceiving 

A time comes when you and your partner decide to start a family together. If that's the case, consider scheduling an OBGYN appointment before conceiving. While you might find it unnecessary, nothing could be further from the truth. During a pre-pregnancy visit, the obstetrician conducts blood tests and health check-ups. 

Besides, the specialist can address various conception concerns and recommend appropriate pre-pregnancy supplements you can use, including folic acid. If you've been on a previous birth control program, an appointment with your obstetrician is the best time to discuss termination options, side effects and the likelihood of your monthly cycle return. 

The First Time You Realise You're Pregnant 

You've just found out that you're pregnant, congratulations! It's the critical pregnancy stage when your OBGYN becomes most important. Your obstetrician plays a vital role in your safety and that of your unborn baby. During the first pregnancy appointment, your obstetrician conducts physical examinations and blood tests while revisiting your medical history. Using the test findings, your obstetrician might classify your pregnancy as high or low risk. 

Monitoring the Progress of Pregnancy and Your Baby's Health

You might also need to schedule several appointments with your obstetrician during your pregnancy to evaluate your progress. If you've been experiencing symptoms like morning sicknesses, constipation, heartburn or swollen joints, your doctor can address them during monthly visits. Experienced obstetricians understand all these symptoms and can recommend the best approaches to manage them. 

Dealing with Unforeseen Symptoms 

If you're scared about unusual symptoms you're experiencing, obstetricians are always available to offer their professional insight. Remember, emergencies like cramps, haemorrhages, migraines and severe morning sickness should be addressed in the ER. However, a simple visit to your OBGYN might help if you're experiencing less worrisome symptoms. The doctor can perform full body examinations, monitor the baby's progress and prescribe appropriate medications.  

Postpartum Care – Handling Your Newborn and Breast Feeding

Finally, after giving birth to a bouncing baby, you might want your obstetrician to stick around for a while. It'll be prudent to schedule several follow-up appointments to ensure you understand the basics of postpartum care. Your OBGYN will address all questions concerning childcare and breastfeeding, among other post-delivery concerns. 

Contact your obstetrician for more information. 


26 July 2022

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