Could It Be Time for a Biological Fistfight? 3 Naturopathic Ways to Ward off Allergies


Allergies are among the health problems that affect most people across the globe, and conventional medicine doesn't always ward them off completely. Most people suffering from allergies don't know that the modern drugs they use just suppress the allergic symptoms, but they don't fight off the problem. So what should those living with allergies do? They should use a naturopathic approach since it stimulates the body to defeat allergies.

Naturopathy is broad; it integrates nutritional counselling, physical manipulations, massage, herbs and acupuncture to combat allergies. The principles and practices the naturopaths use might be old and traditional, but they are more effective in treating allergies than conventional medicine. If you suffer from allergies–whether skin, food, drug, seasonal, perennial or pet allergies–here's what a naturopath might recommend to combat them:

Switch to Alkaline or Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Taking inflammatory foods will not just help you deal with allergies, but it will also keep other health issues at bay. When you eat nutrient-loaded foods, you boost your immunity in a big way, enabling it to fight off those spine-chilling allergies you often experience. According to most naturopaths, garlic is rich in antioxidants, and it's among the powerful natural antibiotics you shouldn't miss in your meals.

Lemons also have high vitamin C and antioxidant levels, and they effectively remove the impurities in your body and detoxify it, warding off stubborn allergies and other viral and bacterial infections. Other ingredients that could help you fight off allergies include fresh leafy vegetables, bone broth, grains or flours with no gluten, almond nuts or butter, coconut milk and probiotic foods.

Take Bee Pollen

Local honey doesn't just taste good; it also contains biological substances that easily fight off allergies. Although local honey might sound an ancient remedy, its ability to fight off allergies can't be underestimated. If you can't eat or take raw honey, you could mix it with oatmeal, porridge, tea or other hot foods. Local honey contains natural enzymes and bee pollen that don't just help combat allergies but also boosts immunity and fights infections.

Use Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus doesn't only fight allergies, but it also kills the house or dust mites that trigger them. Oils made from eucalyptus detoxify the body and reduce inflammation, thus fighting allergies in a big way. Eucalyptus oil weakens the toxins and other microorganisms that trigger allergic reactions, helping you to bid allergies goodbye. Eucalyptus oil is also an effective antimicrobial detergent you could use when washing your clothes. You could also inhale it using a diffuser. If you often suffer severe allergic symptoms, you could mix coconut oil with eucalyptus oil and rub it behind your ears or on your forehead or chest.

Living with allergies could be really distressing, especially if you don't find an effective way to relieve them. Most conventional medicines won't fight off serious allergies, especially those that affect your eyes, skin, lungs and nasal passageways. However, with naturopathic treatment, you won't need antihistamine medications to ward off those seasonal allergies.

To learn more, contact naturopaths in your area.


23 March 2020

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