Why Modern Technology Has Made Prostate Treatment Easier Than Ever

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Enlarged prostates and prostate cancer have been a constant source of pain in men for thousands of years. Treatments for it have varied, and it is only in recent years that technology has really created surgical methods to treat these conditions in a safe and successful way. If you have trouble urinating or have other issues that relate to the prostate then you may need to undergo a procedure known as laser prostate surgery to ease your pain. This comparatively new type of treatment is very easy and quick while also having a high rate of success. 

When Do I Need Laser Prostate Surgery?

There are many reasons that your prostate can flare up to the point where surgery is necessary. Often the prostate will grow simply due to age, and there is no underlying symptom or cause. Sometimes the prostate can be affected by cancer, in which case you might need surgery for more than just your prostate. Most men get a prostate exam once they turn around 40–50 years old and then continually get them to ensure there is no change. Alternatively, if you recognise any of the symptoms of an enlarged prostate and want to get ahead of the problem, speak to your GP and they will examine you.

What Is Laser Prostate Surgery?

Laser prostate surgery is quite a technical solution to what is a simple problem: it simply decreases the size of your prostate. To do this a small piece of equipment is passed through the tip of your penis until it finds the area where the prostate is pressing in on your urethra. Then, precise lasers are used to shrink the size of the prostate using heat and energy. This does not damage other areas of your body, and also doesn't leave a scar or other noticeable marks that can come with surgery.

Is It Painful?

You will be totally unconscious during a laser prostate surgery so you will feel and see none of it. Afterwards, your penis may be a bit sore when you urinate, and you may notice a small amount of blood, but that is totally normal. If there are any complications, such as increased swelling or a lot of blood, then your doctor will be there to ensure you get these side effects sorted, but these are very rare. In general, laser prostate surgery is a very quick and relatively pain-free way of treating an enlarged prostate. 


14 August 2020

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