Two tips for arranging a funeral for someone who loved cycling


If you are about to arrange a funeral for a dear friend or family member who was passionate about cycling, here are a few suggestions as to how you can incorporate their love for this sport into the funeral that you plan for them.

Have the image of a bicycle etched onto their headstone

A lot of funeral homes either provide a headstone etching service or can put their clients in contact with local companies that specialise in headstone etchings. When you select a particular funeral home, it is worth inquiring about their etching service and whether or not you could use it when designing the headstone for the deceased's grave. This service could allow you to add some cycling-themed imagery and text to the headstone. For example, you could have a picture of a bicycle etched onto the headstone, along with a quote from one of the deceased's favourite famous cyclists. This will make an otherwise generic headstone far more unique and personal.

If you decide to inquire about this service at the funeral home when you next visit, you should bring with you a few images of bicycles that you think might look nice on the headstone. This will allow the staff member that you discuss this matter and to provide you with an accurate description of how much this service will cost and how long it will take to get the etching made (as a larger and more detailed image of a bicycle will take longer and be more expensive to create than a smaller, simpler image).

Decorate your loved one's bicycle and use it as a centrepiece at the funeral service

Another way to integrate the deceased's love of cycling into their funeral is to decorate the bicycle that they rode on most often and use it as a centrepiece at the funeral home where the funeral service will take place. After washing it thoroughly, you could lay the funeral flowers that you and other guests purchased for this event around and on the bicycle. Additionally, you might want to add some notes written by the deceased's cycling friends and tape some photos of them on their cycling trips onto the bike.

Whilst time-consuming, this decorating work won't cost very much and should ensure that at the end of this difficult day, you feel safe in the knowledge that you have done your best to honour the memory of the deceased by personalising their funeral.


9 September 2019

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