Personality Traits to Look for When Choosing a GP

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When choosing a medical clinic, you may want to take some time to meet the doctors. If possible, you may want to schedule an exam or consultations with a few different doctors. As you meet with different general practitioners (GPs), you may want to look for the following traits


When someone is your GP, they may see you and the rest of your family for years. If you ever get seriously ill, this individual may deliver the diagnosis. For best experiences, you want someone who is resolutely kind.

Willing to Explain

In many ways, your GP acts as an introduction to the broader medical system. If you need to see a specialist, they can help you find one and point you in the right direction for your needs. Ideally, you want a GP who can explain the system to you. On top of that, you also want your GP to be willing to explain routine health issues to you. If you have children, you may want a GP who is skilled at talking with and patiently explaining things to children.

Detail Oriented

Adequate healthcare requires a lot of attention to detail. Tiny signs such as an irregular mole can indicate large issues such as skin cancer. For your own safety, you want a GP who pays attention to details.


Ideally, people of all professions should be passionate about their fields, but with medical professionals, passion is arguably even more important. Does your GP seem excited when they talk about healthcare? Do they seem like they want to continue learning about health issues and ideas by reading or attending seminars? If so, that bodes well for your future doctor-patient relationship.


While you don't want a GP who is cold, you do want a professional who can be honest. If you have a health problem, you want your doctor to give you an honest prognosis about how the issue is going to affect your life. Additionally, if you are facing a fatal issue, you certainly want someone who can compassionately, realistically, and honestly deliver news about your situation.


The x-factor is something that can't be distilled into a single word. The x-factor is essentially how you personally respond to a GP. As you visit different medical clinics, pay attention to how the GPs make you feel. Sometimes, trusting your instincts can be the best course of action when choosing a healthcare provider.


29 March 2019

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