How to Know if an Eyebrow Feathering Tattoo Is Right for You


It often seems as though a new eyebrow trend makes its way into the media each year. One that's taking the modern beauty world by storm is the eyebrow feathering tattoo. As a semi-permanent treatment that has a natural look, eyebrow feathering is low-maintenance. Rather than generating a sleek look in the same way as microblading, it leaves a fluffy aesthetic. Before you book an appointment for an eyebrow feathering tattoo, you should explore whether it's right for you.

You naturally have enough eyebrow hair 

Unlike microblading, eyebrow feathering doesn't try to compensate for overly thin eyebrows. Instead, it accentuates the benefits of your existing brow shape and hairs. This can make it suitable for most people. However, if you don't have many eyebrow hairs to start with and you find yourself repeatedly filling them in with a pencil, you may not have a good base for feathering. 

You're happy to grow your eyebrows out 

If you're new to shaping your brows, this isn't a problem. But if you regularly dedicate yourself to an eyebrow preening routine, you might resist the idea of going all natural for a little while. Although letting your eyebrows return to their natural state isn't a palatable idea for some, the semi-permanent results are worth it. Once a professional creates your eyebrow feathering tattoo, you can return to minimal brow maintenance and won't need to worry about looking too bushy. Depending on how big your brows are right now, you may need to grow them out for six weeks.

You have the right skin type for retaining pigment

As a technique that involves semi-permanent tattooing, feathering works best on skin types that can retain pigmented ink. Unfortunately, having sensitive skin or oily skin makes benefiting from a cosmetic tattoo difficult. Both skin types may cause the ink to become discoloured, or the feather lines might blur. Before you make this judgement for yourself, though, it's still worth visiting a professional who provides this service to get their opinion.

You're comfortable with semi-permanent results

Depending on your existing brows, the number of maintenance appointments you attend and the technique used, your eyebrow feathering tattoo can last for up to 18 months. If you're confident you won't want to vary your eyebrow look during this period, then this approach is right for you. 

Choosing to feather your eyebrows is an easy way to streamline your everyday beauty routine. If it's something that interests you, always use a professional who's benefited from the right training. 


9 February 2019

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