6 Reasons People with Disabilities Should Choose Roll-In Showers Over Walk-In Baths


Research indicates that over 4 million Australians have some sort of disability. Not all of them require help getting around, but many find it hard to properly wash themselves. While carers can help maintain personal hygiene, people with disabilities often need to make some kind of renovation to their bathrooms. In most cases, this means having either a walk-in bathtub of a roll-in shower.

The difference between them is easy enough to understand. A roll-in shower offers a flat floor that allows a wheelchair convenient access. A walk-in bathtub has a door built into the side to allow tub access without having to lift yourself in and out.

While both options have their advantages, here are just six reasons why roll-in showers often make a better choice.

1. Requires Less Space

One of the main problems with walk-in bathtubs is the amount of space they take up in most bathrooms. Of course, this won't always be a problem – if you have space for a normal bath, you should have space for a walk-in. However, many people with disabilities need to keep to the ground floor, and ground-floor bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side. Roll-in showers take up far less space than walk-in tubs, so they're often more convenient to fit.

2. Greater Sense of Independence

While some people with a disability require 24-hour care, most like being able to retain some sense of independence. Walk-in tubs are easier to use than regular ones, but many will still find they need help to get in and out, especially when they need to transfer from a regular wheelchair. A roll-in shower can be used alone more easily.

3. Faster Cleaning

If you need to carry out renovations to ensure disability-friendly showering or bathing, you should pick an option that will work all the time. Unfortunately, baths just aren't suitable every time you need to wash. You can't simply nip into the bath when you need to get clean in the morning; instead, baths tend to be preferred when you have a long time to soak and relax. Adding a roll-in shower gives you the freedom to get washed quickly. With a walk-in bath, you'll need to get in, wait for the bath to fill, wash yourself, then wait for the water to drain.

4. Added Comfort

The time spent waiting for your walk-in bath to fill and drain can present other issues. Because you need to enter the bath and shut the door before turning on the taps, it can be hard to get the temperature just right. While the bath is running, you can leave yourself feeling chilly, and you'll feel even colder waiting for the water to drain so you can get out. With roll-in showers, that isn't a problem.

5. Added Safety

The main reason people with a disability need to conduct bathroom renovations is to improve safety, and using a roll-in shower is far safer than using a walk-in tub. Walk-in baths might be easier than regular ones, but there's still a minor change in height to deal with, and getting out of the bath can be hazardous when the floor is still wet. A roll-in shower presents no such hazards.

6. Minimal Changes

Finally, keep in mind how much a walk-in bathtub will change your home. Most people without disabilities prefer using a regular bath since they can lie flat and don't need to worry about when they can open the door. In contrast, using a roll-in shower feels just like using a regular walk-in shower. If you're sharing your home without someone who doesn't suffer from a disability, adding a roll-in shower will feel less disruptive.

Get in touch with a disability care service for more information or tips.


19 November 2018

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