How to Get Ready for Your First Set of Dentures

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During the course of your lifetime, you may have lost quite a few of your original teeth and have issues with some of those that remain. Your dentist may have told you about your options, but it seems that dentures are going to be recommended before long. You may look forward to having more functionality and being able to smile again, but you may not know too much about denture wearing. What do you need to think about as you get ready for this move?


Certainly, dentures can help you to get back to a more normal life and will make it a lot easier for you to process your food. You may have to spend some time getting used to them, though as it will certainly feel strange in the early days and you may have to temper your expectations when it comes to eating particularly tough food, like apples.

Following Tooth Loss

It pays to understand what happens in the mouth when you lose all your natural teeth. As all of your teeth are removed, you will be left with only "ridges" where the teeth used to sit, and these will modify as time goes by. Essentially, the bone starts to shrink away in a process known as resorption, and you may need to get your dentures refitted from time to time to take this into account.

Crafting Your Dentures

When it comes to the shape of the mouth and those ridges, no two people are the same. This can present a challenge to the technician in designing a set of dentures that is perfect for you, but they will take into account the shape of the ridges and how much support they can offer the denture in question.

Furthermore, the dentist will look at the shape of your palate, which is important in locating the upper denture. Nevertheless, the upper set is typically less of an issue than your lower dentures which can attend to move around a lot more and be difficult to centre. This is because the bony ridge in the lower part of the mouth can shrink a lot more quickly than the upper and there's not as much suction in this area to help keep the denture in place.

Consequently, the dentist will design a set for you that takes into account all your facial characteristics and you will then need to adapt your lifestyle as you get used to them.

Looking Forward

While this may all sound a bit technical and a little challenging, it's nevertheless a process that everyone goes through as they get used to dentures in the beginning. If you choose a dental surgery with a lot of experience in this area, then you will be able to sail through the transition and get used to your new appearance without any undue delay.

For more information, contact your local denture clinic.


5 September 2018

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