Take Home Bleaching Treatments vs. Store Products

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When your teeth undergo years of yellowing and discolouration, it's normal to want to lighten them again. While you can purchase teeth whitening kits from stores, they won't often have the effect you desire. In contrast, you can visit a professional for a take home bleaching treatment. Before you do, however, it's worth understanding the differences between the two.

Take home bleaching treatments feature an accurate concentration

When you visit a dental professional to purchase a take home bleaching treatment, they'll analyse your oral health. During the process, they'll identify how much dental hydrogen peroxide you need to whiten your teeth with natural results. When you purchase an over the counter kit, you can only obtain certain hydrogen peroxide levels. In some cases, they're sufficient. However, there's also the chance that they won't whiten your teeth enough.

With a professional kit, you achieve even coverage

Although the teeth whitening kits you purchase from stores feature mouth guards, they're probably not the right fit for your gums. In contrast, the type of kit your dentist produces will include a mouth guard that they shape for your anatomy. Doing so is important, as you stand a better chance of evenly distributing the solution over your teeth. As a result, you avoid over and under bleaching.

A take home bleach kit comes with professional guidance

Although there's only a small risk that over the counter kits will cause damage to your mouth, the risk is still there. If you suffer from weak enamel or you apply the solution for too long, you can damage your teeth and the roof of your mouth. In contrast, a take home bleach kit comes with the guidance of a professional who already understands your oral health. They'll estimate the consequences of heightening your hydrogen peroxide levels and avoid scenarios such as teeth that are too bright, introducing sensitivity to a nerve root or weakening of essential structures. Additionally, they can tweak your approach as time goes on. As a result, you're less likely to find yourself suffering from an unnatural look.

If you feel as though professional teeth whitening will benefit you, consider approaching someone with the right qualifications for an assessment. Using their expertise and the assistance of a lab technician, they'll create a kit that matches your needs. When you follow the instructions to the letter, you'll significantly enhance your appearance and experience a boost to your self-confidence


11 July 2018

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