Tips to Minimising Eye Strain


Whenever you spend a prolonged duration focusing solely on one activity, your eyes become susceptible to strain. And in this digital age where screens are used for a multitude of purposes in your day-to-day life ranging from working on your computer, staring at your phone or even reading from a tablet, people have become increasingly vulnerable to this eye condition. Fortunately, the risk of eyestrain can be minimised with a few tips and tricks as listed below.

Proper positioning of your computer screen

If you spend your day working on a laptop or a desktop, it is prudent to make sure that it is appropriately positioned so that you do not end up straining your eyes by the end of the day. To begin with, the screen you are working on should be a couple of feet away from your sightline, which roughly translates to it being about more or less an arm's length away.

Secondly, make sure that you are sitting upright and facing the screen directly. Looking up at your screen or peering down at it will not only strain your eyes but your neck and back muscles too.

Lastly, consider increasing the size of the font on the screen, irrespective of whether you have an eye problem or not. A Larger font would be much easier to read, make it less likely for you to squint and strain your eyes while you are working.

Ensure proper lighting

Another reason why you may be at risk of eyestrain is if you are always working in poor lighting conditions. If you are reading from your tablet in a dimly lit room, you should change the device's brightness setting. Lowering the brightness of your screen makes it easier for your eyes to adjust to both the screen and the low light conditions in the room.

However, poor lighting does not necessarily mean dim light. When you are working on a screen in a brightly lit area, there is a likelihood of glare occurring on the screen. The glare is not merely a bother regarding seeing what is on your display. Since it is obstructing your view, you inadvertently start to strain your eyes, and this can cause you headaches, blurred vision and more. The best course of action would be to keep the room slightly shaded so that glare does not happen on your digital device.

Speak to a local optometrist for more tips on preventing eye strain.


28 November 2017

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