Five Advantages of Using a Private Obstetrician

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Whether you're expecting your first child or you're on baby number three, pregnancy is a time filled with anxiety. Using a private obstetrician during your pregnancy offers many advantages. It may make your pregnancy feel less stressful. From flexible appointments to quicker test results, there are lots of perks to private obstetric care.

Quicker results

As a time where you may experience a lot of anxiety, waiting for results is rarely fun. As a private obstetrician in Mater will usually have fewer patients than a public obstetrician, they'll interpret results faster. This means peace of mind for you and your partner.

Faster appointments

Want to see your obstetrician pronto? With a private one, you'll benefit from shorter waiting times. This is especially useful when you're experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, where you'll need to see an obstetrician faster. For example, if you're carrying more than one foetusor you're over the age of 35, you're usually a high risk expectant mother. In such cases, faster appointments can make a challenging pregnancy less stressful.

Consistency of care

When you turn to private obstetric care, there's more consistency. One of the biggest advantages of consistent obstetric care is that you build a relationship with your obstetrician. This means they're more familiar with you and your needs at each appointment. In addition, building a relationship with a clinician can help women who feel anxious feel more at ease during their appointments. 

Peace of mind

Another benefit for those who are anxious during their pregnancy is that private care provides peace of mind. If you do have concerns, you can access your obstetrician faster than when you're using public care. Around 12 percent of women experience depression or anxiety during their pregnancies. Chronic stress has negative effects for both mother and baby. For example, one study reveals that babies born to women experiencing chronic stress may have a lower birth weight. 

Flexibility in terms of appointment times 

When you're leading a busy life, having to work your other commitments around your maternity appointments is difficult. Private obstetricians may provide more flexible appointment times. This can include appointments that are longer when you have something important to discuss, or appointments that work around your career obligations. As such, you can take charge of your obstetric care.

If you feel as though using a private obstetrician in Mater may benefit your pregnancy, reach out for advice. Alongside your obstetrician, you can create a care plan that benefits you, your partner, and your baby.


25 September 2017

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