Warning Symptoms of Prostate Cancer That Should Never Go Ignored

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Prostate cancer is a disease that only affects men, as it develops in the prostate gland. This gland is about the size of a walnut and is located beneath the bladder. The slow progression of prostate cancer makes it one of the easier cancers to treat. Nonetheless, since some men do not see the need of having their prostate checked routinely, the onset of this disease can be missed. As a result, you only realise you are suffering from prostate cancer once the disease has spread. It is essential for all men to seek regular medical checkups and be wary of the early signs of this illness. The sooner the disease is identified, the faster you can have prostate cancer surgery and stop it from spreading. Below are warning symptoms of prostate cancer that should never go ignored:

You have started experiencing problems with urinating

One of the early ways that prostate cancer will manifest is experiencing difficulty with relieving yourself. There are different ways that this would present itself. Some men may complain about feeling the urge to rush the urination process but find that there is no urine coming out. Other men may start having their urine stop midstream, yet they do not feel like they have entirely relieved themselves. Lastly, you may also find that halting the urination process is difficult or you still have the urge to keep urinating even when you have emptied your bladder. These symptoms come about due to pressure on your urethra from a growing tumour, and it would be crucial to have a prostate exam carried out.

You have started to feel pain when you urinate

Urinating should not be a painful process, so the moment that you find relieving yourself is giving you discomfort, you should consult a medical professional. However, a misassumption some individuals have is that the only reason for this pain is a urinary tract infection and seek to self-medicate. What they do not realise is that sudden pain when urinating is also a classic sign of early-onset prostate cancer and it would be important to consult a doctor.

You can see streaks of blood in your urine stream

Blood in your urine is not a common symptom of prostate cancer. Nonetheless, any signs of blood when you urinate should be cause for alarm. When blood starts to show up in your urine, it is likely that you have developed a condition called hematuria. Hematuria comes about either when the prostate cancer causes an infection in your bladder or if a tumour has started to develop in your bladder too.

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23 September 2017

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