Chiropractic Techniques for Lower Back Pain


If your spine becomes misaligned, chances are you will begin to experience excruciating back pain. Moreover, spinal misalignment will also impede your movement and could affect nerve function in your body too! Thus, it is essential to ensure that any back problems caused by a misaligned spine are addressed post haste by a medical professional. If you would like to prevent an opioid addiction or simply prefer natural therapies, chiropractic care would be a great option for your spinal misalignment. Here are a few of the chiropractic techniques that you could have performed to contend with lower back pain.

Spinal manipulations

The most common treatment measure used to remedy lower back pain is spinal manipulation. This form of manipulative therapy involves the chiropractor attempting to put your spine in its rightful position by manipulating the surrounding tissue and your muscles. This technique provides the basis for chiropractic treatments, as its primary function is to try to restore mobility to joints that have developed limited flexibility due to injury. The injuries could be acquired for various reasons such as repetitive physical motions, sitting in an awkward position for prolonged stretches of time or even trauma. To perform the spinal manipulation, the chiropractor could use either their hand or a specialised tool to apply pressure on your vertebrae. Routine manipulations should not only remedy the lower back pain but also decrease the risk of developing it in future.

Pelvic blocking

With this chiropractic technique, the patient will lie face down on and have cushions in the shape of wedges placed under their body. In this position, the chiropractor has enhanced access to your spine, enabling them to pay individual attention to the discs in your vertebrae. Pelvic blocking is an ideal form of treatment if your lower back pain is stemming from pinched nerves in close proximity to the discs. As the chiropractor gently manipulates the spinal discs to decrease the pressure, they are exerting on your nerves, having the wedged cushions under your body translates into gravity also helping in altering the mechanics of your spine too!

Flexion distraction

If sharp pains in your legs accompany your lower back pain too, flexion distraction would be an ideal chiropractic technique to consider. With this form of chiropractic care, the therapist will have you lie on a specialised table that allows them to stretch your spine as they also employ pumping motions on your muscles to flex your tissues.  The flexing couple with the pumping works to repositioning and misalignment, and the procedure should offer immediate relief from your lower back pain.

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12 September 2017

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