Should You Consider an Eyebrow Lift If You're Unhappy with Your Current Appearance?


As the saying goes, "old age doesn't come alone." In other words, you may be increasingly concerned about your appearance and have noticed that the skin on the upper part of your face and particularly around the eye area has changed significantly. A lot of the skin in these areas is very sensitive and as people age, wrinkles will appear and the overall structure around the eyes will begin to sag.

22 March 2018

Tips to Minimising Eye Strain


Whenever you spend a prolonged duration focusing solely on one activity, your eyes become susceptible to strain. And in this digital age where screens are used for a multitude of purposes in your day-to-day life ranging from working on your computer, staring at your phone or even reading from a tablet, people have become increasingly vulnerable to this eye condition. Fortunately, the risk of eyestrain can be minimised with a few tips and tricks as listed below.

28 November 2017

Physiotherapy: Improving Your Health and Wellbeing through Massage Therapy


Massage therapy can be defined as the manual manipulation of body tissues, tendons and muscle ligaments. By having a massage, you can enhance your health status as well as your overall well-being. It is through massage that you can feel relaxed both in the mind and body. Depending on your age, condition and special needs, the massage therapist may recommend a specific massage technique for your case. Here are a few massage techniques that your body may require.

12 October 2017

2 Steps To Take For Treatment Of Your Child's Recurrent Ear Infections


Catching colds is an unfortunate but unavoidable part of childhood. Your child will probably succumb to them more during the colder months and they may seem to be almost constantly ill with colds when they start at daycare or school. Most of the time, colds are mild illnesses that resolve themselves within a few days but sometimes they can lead to secondary infections that require further medical treatment. Ear infections are one of the most common secondary infections that small children develop when they have a cold.

9 October 2017

The Extra Risk Factors Associated with Asbestos Exposure

Health & Medical Blog

By this point, the dangers of exposure to asbestos fibres are fairly well documented, and you probably already know that coming into contact with this substance carries a lot of risks. While increased public awareness is generally a good thing, helping people remember to protect themselves, there's also a lot of misinformation about. This misinformation can make it difficult for people to understand the problem, and sometimes causes fear when it's not necessary.

2 October 2017

Five Advantages of Using a Private Obstetrician

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Whether you're expecting your first child or you're on baby number three, pregnancy is a time filled with anxiety. Using a private obstetrician during your pregnancy offers many advantages. It may make your pregnancy feel less stressful. From flexible appointments to quicker test results, there are lots of perks to private obstetric care. Quicker results As a time where you may experience a lot of anxiety, waiting for results is rarely fun.

25 September 2017

Warning Symptoms of Prostate Cancer That Should Never Go Ignored

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Prostate cancer is a disease that only affects men, as it develops in the prostate gland. This gland is about the size of a walnut and is located beneath the bladder. The slow progression of prostate cancer makes it one of the easier cancers to treat. Nonetheless, since some men do not see the need of having their prostate checked routinely, the onset of this disease can be missed. As a result, you only realise you are suffering from prostate cancer once the disease has spread.

23 September 2017